Charles Lancaster
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12 August, 1968

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Chestnut Red

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Known family

Michael & Elizabeth Lancaster
Keith Lancaster
Morgan Lancaster


Las Venturas General Hospital

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Hospital Administrator

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2006 Audi S4 Sport Sedan

Charles is a clinical psychologist born in Leith, Scotland. He is a member of the RxP assisting the Las Venturas Emergency Services, and is closely affiliated to the local medical center. He suffered of an aggravated, rapid form of choroideremia which has thoroughly degraded his photoreceptive cells, and ultimately rendered him blind. Charles is often described as a misanthrope and a recluse in spite of his profession, arguably due to the reasons above. 

Initial DevelopmentEdit

Born and raised in a low class house in the port-city of Leith north of Edinburgh, Charles led a poor life in a plentiful family, being the youngest to two brothers. His parents owned a corner store with a decent income due to its close proximity to the neighborhood, which assured a quick earned buck to Charles and his brothers. His father an alcoholic, however, had him raised in abuse and physical harm to go along with the generally harsh area he grew up in. Finding schoolwork a getaway unlike his older brothers whom began drug use during their teenage years, he excelled as a student and gained money through student scholarship to further his options.

Graduating the Division of Psychology and Sociology at Queen Margaret University in his early adulthood, he began his practice in a vacant office at the general hospital of Edinburgh, where he settled acknowledgement for his above average skill in clinical psychology. At the same time, his choroideremia started stalling his vision heavily, forcing him to wear thick dioptries; his illness was diagnosed in the same hospital he worked in. No treatment was or is available for choroideremia. 

United States of AmericaEdit

After hefty years spent obtaining a permanent residency in America in relation with San Andreas Media Directory's offer to publish his book on the permanent effects of childhood trauma and its many manifestations, Strain's Parlance (2011), Charles rented out office space to conduct low pay psychotherapy sessions, though after obtaining legal license and entering the prescriptive authority for psychologist movement, he took up a vacant spot in Venturas General as a clinical psychologist.