What inspired me was how if you hovered over an item in your inventory in World of Warcraft you got this textbox displaying a description of its stats.

Perhaps we could make it so if you hover your mouse over a player something similar pops up near your mouse, and quickly disappears yet again. Fancy GUIs is what makes things interesting within MTA and it’s very user-friendly. No clicks and no commands, just swiping your mouse over a player to get a good look at their physical appearance and clothing. So what we could do is just like in the old Odyssey script developed by Deixell make equipment slots more relevant to the character. Say you go to a clothing store and there’s tons of simply clothing items you can purchase with varying costs. Upon buying a shirt and equipping it one would be able to see said description in the according slot when hovering their mouse over you. The same could go for tattoos and other accessory, just stacking up on the player to display their unique character in the fullest detail.


An example of how this system would apply in MTA.

The player will be able to start off with pre-made attire they pick themselves. As for skin color etc. the player may freely modify this without having to purchase items.


Alternative concept

Same would go for make-up, facial features and other physical features. However weight and masculinity would eventually start living its own life. See ‘Eating’ for further reference. Jobs like a tattoo artist or a barber would gain a meaning in itself. In order to have your haircut changed, you visit a barber, and someone with the ‘barber’ job which would be issued by an administrator would allow the person to get a command allowing them to modify the client’s hairstyle. Basically this’d cost a basic amount of money, say ten bucks because haircuts aren’t too expensive, to do. /haircut [ID] [Description]. The client referred to by the ‘ID’ (and a barber can’t change his own hairstyle) gets an OOC message something along the lines of “John Doe wants to change your hairstyle to “[Description]”. /haircut accept to change your hairstyle slot’s description. /haircut deny to deny the modification. Something similar would work for a tattoo artist.