Las Venturas is a vivid city, diverse in nature. The city district is split up in several suburbs and districts.


A geographical map of Las Venturas city.


Redsands WestEdit

Redsands West is, as the name already implies, in the western portion of Redsands, being an industrial, a commercial and a predominantly residential area. In addition to that, it is the home of the Las Venturas Bandits that use to perform their matches in the baseball-specific Bandits Stadium. The area also lays in the vicinity of the Saint Agostina Petrantoni General Hospital, which is the only hospital in Las Venturas, and also the original headquarters of the Las Venturas Fire Department.

Redsands EastEdit

Redsands East is the eastern portion of the Redsands district and is primarily a commercial district. This district is home to the Redsands Bus Station, Milo's Diner and many other businesses.

Roca EscalanteEdit

Roca Escalante also known as Downtown is a commercial and corporate district adjacent to the Old Venturas Strip. It has most of the governmental buildings installed in its vicinity along with corporate office buildings. The district has few residences to its disposal, if any at all, and its average wealth and socioeconomic class is average to high.

Old Venturas StripEdit

The Old Venturas Strip is a commercial and residential district with its roots grounded deep into the early history of Las Venturas. Originally it was the first string of legally owned and operated casinos within the city, though through modernization The Strip became the new home to the famous, luxurious casinos in the heart of Venturas. It has been referred to in the past as The Old Strip and it's known for its relatively cheap housing and below-average living conditions.

The Old Venturas Strip has also seen a rise in gang related activity throughout the 1990s as Los Santos based gangs sets such as the Crips expanded their influence into the North-West. The Randy B. Stiffman Gardens, commonly referred to as the Stiffman Projects were heavily influenced by the Crips throughout the 1990s, however in more modern times they are believed to be the stomping grounds for the North Venturas Cartel, a network of poverty stricken drug dealers and producers.


Spiny BedEdit

Prickle PineEdit

Prickle Pine is a luxurious residence area in the northern part of Las Venturas city. Its demography sustains the reported group of retired seniors taking the upperhand in this area. As the only high-class residential area in Las Venturas, many old-time key-figures from Venturas history have settled here. The area is provided with a country club, tennis courts and the so-called Yellow Bell Golf Course. Spinybed is located to the east of it.

The StripEdit

The Strip is an iconic road situated in the center of Las Venturas. It connects nearly every district in the city. It is one of the most populated and attracting spots in the city.

Many of the largest hotel, casino and resort properties in the world are located on the Las Venturas Strip. The Strip started as a simple highway but became a worldwide icon with the success of several casinos along it. The first casino to spawn along the Strip was a Native-American owned franchise, the Apache Grand Hotel and Casino Resort.

The success of the casino sparked interest in Joseph Costanzo, whom subsequently extorted it and influenced other wealthy figures to open casinos of their own. This resulted in the skimming of major casino funds, earning millions for the Costanzo Crime Family. The Strip became highly spectated by the local police department and resulted in major regulations from the city.


Rockshore WestEdit

Rockshore EastEdit

Linden SideEdit

Linden Side is one of the smallest district of Las Venturas, being located in the eastern portion of the city. The Linden Station is located to the north of it while Rockshore is to the south-west of it. It is an industrial area, which is currently occupied by Buffalo Electronics, one of Las Venturas' main electronics retailer.


Sobell RailyardsEdit

The Sobell Railyards are an arrangement of storage buildings for trains, which are located in the eastern part of Las Venturas, laying just north from the Linden Station.