Las Venturas Detention Center
Common name(s)

Prison, "The Pen", "The Can", Las Venturas Penitentiary

Agency Overview
Preceding agencies

Several small prison facilities installed in numerous police departments



Annual budget

$5 million

Jurisdictional structure


Legal jurisdiction

Federal Bureau of Prisons, Department of Justice

General nature

Medium security prison

Las Venturas Detention Center is a correctional facility located in Downtown, Las Venturas responsible for the detainment of convicted offenders. It is secured by a squadron of correctional facility graduates associated with the Las Venturas Metropolitan Police Department. Academy attendants pick from two available professions, that being a law enforcer with the LVMPD, or a corrections officer with the Las Venturas Correctional Facility. Both trainings greatly distinguish one another, negating the basis, whereas police officers gain more practical and tactical attendance in despite of a corrections officer.