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A mugshot of Patrick Czajkowski from 2011.
Patrick Czajkowski

22nd August, 1956, Las Venturas, San Andreas

Known for

Serial murderer, mafia hitman

Also known as

"The Crazy Gunmen" - In duo with Miguel Esperanza


Independent, gun for hire


Violent past


Repeated first degree murder


May 2011


Life imprisonment

Conviction status


Wanted by

Federal Bureau of Investigations


Miguel Esperanza


Truck driver


Two children, unnamed

Patrick "Buster" Czajkowski (born 22nd August, 1956) was a violently infamous, Polish-american mafia hitman active from 1970 to 2011. Czajkowski had been contracted by mob figures such as Paul Cuccinello, Joseph Costanzo, Giacomo Gravano and Frank Santullo. He reportedly killed approximately twenty-five people. He himself claims it was over fourty.

Czajkowski always had a natural aptitude for violence, his first murder commit as early as eighteen. Psychologists whom have tried to define the reason that caused his mental malform speculate it was because of an aggressive homecoming. According to Czajkowski, his father had the frequent tendency to beat his children. "He thought it made us tough."

It was up until 2011 that Czajkowski was ably charged for the recent murders commit 7 years before his conviction. While the authorities had been able to provide proof Czajkowski was responsible for the death of Joseph Costanzo, when witnesses stepped up to testify in 2005 now that their fear had worn off with the loss of cosa nostra influence in Las Venturas, the law system was not able to convict him of the crimes commit.

In 2010 Czajkowski in coöperation with Miguel Esperanza stormed into a rural Las Venturas strip club and gunned down twelve people, of which seven succumbed to vital injuries. The remaining victims were heavily injured, and later testified against the partners in crime.

Both of the men had made an attempt to escape. "The Crazy Gunmen" were too late however, when the FBI detained Czajkowski and Esperanza on grounds of suspicion, having upheld an investigation on the duo for the past eleven years. The AK-47's used in the Red Velvet Massacre were according to ballistics experts the same weapons used in the murder of Giacomo Gravano and Joseph Costanzo.