Mob-boss Paul Cuccinello posing for the
Las Venturas Metropolitan Police Department in 1973.
Paul Cuccinello

2nd February, 1911, Palermo, Sicily


1985, Palermo, Sicily





Known for

Las Venturas drug baron
Family boss of the Cuccinello Family
Transnational criminal

Also known as

Pistol Paul


Cuccinello Family

Wanted by

Federal Bureau of Investigations
Drug Enforcement Administration
Central Intelligence Agency


Benjamin Costanzo, Guillermo Vega


Henry Pesci


Casino Owner, Drug baron


Las Venturas, Prickle Pine

Paul "Pistol Paul" Cuccinello (1911-1985) was the alleged family boss of the Cuccinello Family. He was a renowed transnational drug trafficker dragging Mexican cartel influence towards Las Venturas.

Originally a caporegime of the New York based Costanzo family (later known as the Costanzo Crime Family), Paul split off with his crew members to organise his own American Mafia operating in Las Venturas.

When a truce was made in 1930 he knew the Santullo Crime Family and Costanzo Crime Family would fight for their share in Las Venturas. He knew to stay on top he had to experiment with different rackets. In 1942 Paul made a basis for a morphine trafficking operation with a San Diego Triad.

In 1970 Paul expanded as far as involving the Mexican Tijuana Cartel in his drug racket. The Ming Triad was ofcourse dissatisfied with Cuccinello's decision to get involved with the Mexican cartels over them, causing a brief conflict with two attempts on his life which he with great luck evaded.

Paying half a million dollars to the Ming Triad to keep him alive and cut short on the Morphine trade (since this drug was outdated and of low-quality) the Triad backed off. Up until his death in 1985 the Cuccinello's had a monopoly on the coca trade in Las Venturas.

In 1985 Paul Cuccinello passed away. While the authorities have forensic evidence to prove he died of a simple overdose, some people believe his rivals had a say in his death, allegedly accusing homicide.